Releasing the Old with Gratitude in Order to Celebrate the New

by Suzanne on January 16, 2013

Maybe you’ve made resolutions for this new year, or set specific goals to create a fresh new life in 2013.

But did you release 2012 yet?

Yes, you can sit down and review last year.  What are the things that happened last year for which you can express gratitude?

Look back over your list of dreams and goals for 2012.  (You did make that list last January, didn’t you?)  Now count the dreams you manifested and the goals you met.  Did you just surprise yourself when you realized just how much of your dream life you created last year?

Now look for the dreams and goals that didn’t manifest.  What did you learn from the attempts?  Maybe you discovered you were rushing a process that needed time to take root.  Or perhaps, you found that if you had manifested a particular dream it would have moved you off your true life path.  And maybe, you just weren’t clear on what you wanted to attract into your life.

While 2013 is still in its infancy, you can apply all the lessons learned last year in shaping your affirmations and requests to the Universe.  Clarify any ambiguous goals.  Set dates to accomplish each step on your path.  Trim down goals that were overwhelming to a more manageable size.

And then, when you’ve appreciated and expressed gratitude for both the positive and not so positive that 2012 brought you (remembering that both are necessary in a rounded, healthy existence); it’s time to release the energy of last year.

Yes, release the old energy.  Say thank you for everything you received in answer to your requests.  Thank the Universe for all the lessons learned in the past year, because they will aid you in moving freely and gladly into the new year.

Place 2012 and all that happened in that year in a bubble of pink energy.  Surround it with your gratitude and love.  Then release the bubble and watch it float away until it disappears into the Light.

Now you are ready to journey into 2013 – eager, energetic and excited about the unlimited possibilities and abundance to come.

I can’t wait to watch your beautiful new year unfold.


Share some of the lessons you learned in 2012. And tell us how you can use those lessons in 2013 while living your soul purpose.

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