12 + 1 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2012: 4-22-2012

by Suzanne on April 19, 2012

1.  Pick up trash on a road close to your home or office, cleaning up the environment for yourself, for your neighbors, and for everyone who travels the road.


2.  Recycle, even if you don’t have curbside pickup.  Create a setup in your garage that makes sorting your garbage quick and easy.  Note on your calendar when you will be making trips to the recycling center so family members can plan to gather items for recycling.


3.  Urge your community officials to Go Green in their ongoing plans for community growth.  Talk about the opportunities building a green economy unfolds for the citizens of the community.  Encourage the officials to make your community a leader at the forefront of green development.


4.  Plant a flowering perennial and watch it grow for years to come.  Choose something native to your area so it not only grows well, but also complements the environment in which it grows.


5.  Plant a new tree to replace one damaged or destroyed by storms in the past year.  If the damaged trees were not a hardy variety, look for a species that will survive the weather in your area.


6.  Sit by your favorite natural body of water and meditate in gratitude over how every part of the Earth supports human life.


7.  Hike in your favorite mountains and hills, breathing deeply of the clean air.  Reflect on how you can prevent pollution in the way you live your life.


8.  Teach a child how nature provides shelter and food to us.  Take your children to a working organic farm and thank the farmer for helping us remember what it is to live close to the Earth.  Plant a small garden with your children and serve the produce at the dinner table.


9.  Create a piece of art that depicts the glorious gifts the Earth provides.  Sponsor an athletic event, giving the proceeds to an organization promoting a green environment.  Join Athletes and Arts for the Earth.


10.  Gather your family and friends and perform a day of service at a public park.  Have a picnic, and then collect trash from the entire park before leaving.


11.  Organize an Earth Day event in your area.  Invite family, friends and community to share their favorite ways to preserve the Earth.


12.  Pledge an Act of Green and help the Earth Day organization reach A Billion Acts of Green.  Don’t have any ideas?  Go here to see the simple things other people are doing to preserve our Earth for generations to come.


AND… donate to the organization of your choice that works to sustain the Earth.


Happy Earth Day!




J. Denton April 24, 2012 at 12:03 pm

A wonderfully creative list of ways to interact with our beautiful
Mother Earth. She blesses us with Life; let’s return the favor!

Suzanne April 24, 2012 at 1:36 pm

How lovely to see you here, Joan. I know you work diligently to bless Mother Earth as she has blessed us. Thank you!

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