Spinning With Our Gratitude: International Earth Day, March 20

by Suzanne on March 14, 2012

Let’s hear it for Mother Earth!          Spring Scene - credit: SuzanneG

She’s still spinning gracefully in her designated place in the universe.  Still sustaining life for a continually growing population.  Still providing comfort and healing for those who maintain the grace of connection with Her.

On March 20, at the Spring Equinox (1:14 am, EDT), we will be celebrating the forty-second anniversary of Earth Day.  That’s right.  Forty-two years of people pausing the rush of their busy lives to celebrate and support the planet that provides for humankind.

Wouldn’t you know it?  San Francisco made the first proclamation of Earth Day back in 1970.  How appropriate that the city of St. Francis, patron saint of animals and ecology, should lead the way.

 The effort started with approximately 20 million people in that first year, and went international in 1990.

Though it’s sad we need a specific day to remind us to appreciate our earthly home and environment, it’s also a cause for jubilation that International Earth Day gains momentum with each passing year.  If you do a web search on Earth Day, you’ll find hundreds of pages of ideas and information on ways to express your gratitude to Mother Earth.

There’s no end of ways to frame your personal celebration.  Try one of these ideas for a family project:

  • Plant a tree
  • Pick up trash
  • Walk instead of driving
  • Build a water barrel and install it below your rainspout
  • Turn off the lights, the TV, the video games and go outside and gaze at the stars
  • Lay in the grass and just breathe
  • Think up your own way to celebrate and just do it

I, for one, am full of gratitude that Mother Earth is alive and mainly well, supporting life on this planet and performing her essential role in the universe.  Enjoy your celebration – and don’t forget the cake!

It might be a bit early to plant a tree in my area, but I’m going to make sure I hug a tree and say “Thank you!” to Mother Earth.

Before you head out for your celebration, leave a comment and let us know how you’re going to celebrate.

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