Switch Off to Keep Mother Earth Turned On

by Suzanne on March 28, 2012

We’re on a roll with our efforts to make a difference in the earth’s environment. We can’t stop now, so…

On Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 8:30 p.m. local time, I invite you to switch off your lights to let everyone know you support Earth Hour.

The first Earth Hour took place in Sydney, Australia in 2007. That evening saw more than 2 million people and 2,000 businesses turn off their lights to demonstrate their commitment to climate change action.

By 2011, the movement had exploded to include 5.251 cities in 135 countries across seven continents. In all, 1.8 billion people stepped up to affirm their personal accountability in maintaining the earth’s environment by taking part in Earth Hour 2011.

So, this Saturday, join us in celebrating Earth Hour. Challenge your friends and neighbors to switch off any lights that don’t impact safety for at least one hour. Go outside, watch the neighborhood go dark, and then look up.

Isn’t it incredible how bright and close the stars are when everything around you is dark? Can you imagine how brilliant the stars appeared in the night skies before we advanced so far in technology that we created innumerable ways to pollute those skies, with light and smog?

Once your lights are out, you may find all manner of things to do in the dark. Okay, not just hanky-panky! Get creative.

• Crank your emergency flashlights into life, hold them under your chin (oh, the childhood memories) and tell ghost stories.

• Sit outside on the porch and watch the fireflies dance just for you.

• We’ll be under the first quarter moon, but if there’s enough moonlight where you live, take a slow walk, and listen to the stirrings in your environment. Can you identify the sounds in the dark? When you hear the frogs, can you tell where they are singing? Is that a breeze rustling the grass and shrubs, or is it some animal watching you as you adventure outside in the dark. How much of the nocturnal life do we miss when all the lights are on?

• Go to bed early, as our ancestors did, and get a long night of deep restoring sleep.

• Wake up the next morning, having made a commitment to some ongoing action toward building a sustainable planet.

You can find more ideas on celebrating Earth Hour, volunteering to lead your community, games for kids, and banners for your blogs and websites at the official website http://www.earthhour.org. Click on the top left corner of the page and discover specific Earth Hour challenges and plans for your own country. If you think your city is at the forefront of the environmental movement, nominate it for the Earth Hour City Challenge.

No one expects that this hour of darkness will save massive amounts of energy, but we do know that by electing to take part in Earth Day you are taking a step toward finding ways to save Mother Earth. And in saving Her, you’ll be helping to save all of us. Thank you for that!

Don’t forget to leave a comment, please. Tell us if you have participated in Earth Hour in years past, and if you will be switching off to support the Earth in 2012.

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