All We Need is Love Every Day

by Suzanne on February 13, 2013

As the song says, love is all we need.  And tomorrow is the one day each year that the world focuses on love.  Romantic love, puppy love, family love and friendship love.

It’s the day we collectively spend millions of dollars for some material sign for the object of our love.  Roses and other floral tributes join the river of red and pink cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, fluffy stuffed toys, dinner at swank establishments, and glittering jewels representing the depth and breadth of our love.

Women obsess over the question of will he remember and how wonderful will his gift be?  Men obsess over remembering to pick up a gift at the last minute, on the way home from the office.

C’est la vie!  Step right up and express your love on demand.  After all, everyone knows that if you forget Valentine’s Day you truly don’t have an ounce of love or romance in your bones.

Phooey, say I.

I’d rather receive a heartfelt phone call any day of the year.  A warm hug at the moment I most need one.  An invitation to get together just because someone misses my smile.  Any day of the year.  Except Valentine’s Day.


I’d rather feel treasured and loved due to actions and words on any Monday through Sunday, and any January through December.  Any and every day of my life.

But I still wish for each of you to receive the material representation of love that you seek on this day.  I wish that your hearts be filled to overflowing with each expression of love and devotion.

And I wish you to know and bask in Love and Light every moment of your existence.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy life!


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