Being Our Best Selves With Friends

by Suzanne on February 20, 2013

I’ve been so busy for so many months that I haven’t taken the time to have fun… heck, to even breathe.

So I took a day for myself recently.  Well, for a friend and myself.  We escaped from our daily worries and hit the road, heading for unspecified adventure.  We knew we were looking for consignment shops and antiques shoppes.  Other than that, we had no preconceived notion of what our day would look like.

We weren’t looking for anything in particular.  Instead, we delighted in everything.  In one drugstore/gift shop, we sat for a few minutes on a sofa that we both declared wonderfully comfortable and supportive of our tired bodies.  In one antique shop we borrowed a tape measure and noted the dimensions of a colorful antique rug for comparison to a guest bedroom.  In the backroom of a hardware store we checked out new furniture, browsing for ideas.

And through the whole day we talked.  About what we had been doing.  About what we dreamed of doing next.  About how we could help each other reach our goals.

At the end of the day, once again at home, I reflected on how spending those hours with my friend energized and inspired me.  I’m always my best self when I spend time with friends who listen to what my soul speaks of, who I hear with my heart.

I can’t wait to spend time with my friend again so I can bask once more in the joy of speaking and living in the higher energy of our special synergy.

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