Don’t Act Happy

by Suzanne on March 6, 2013

On my writing blog, I wrote about the insight Dr. Steven Farmer received from an acting instructor.  In a class of children, the instructor directed them to “Stop acting.”

Wow.  Dr. Farmer thought that was why they were there.

Then he realized the instructor wanted the children to let go of the reactions and movements they thought they should have in a situation.  Instead, he wanted them remember a time they felt sad, or angry, or hungry.  When they found that memory, they would no longer be acting; they would be reliving something real.  And everyone watching them would understand what they were conveying.

Sometimes we get lost in the positive thinking trap.  When we’re sad or depressed we “act” happy.  Remember that old chestnut “Fake it ‘til you make it”?  Well, don’t.  Because simply acting happy will not help you reach that state.

Let yourself feel your real emotions.  Wallow in them.  Wail a while.  Sob, kick your pillow, or pound your teddy bear.  Give yourself all the time you need… as long as this stage doesn’t last longer than half an hour.

Then release those emotions.  Allow them to return to the Universe to transmute into something splendid and bright.

Take a deep breath and call up the feeling of happiness you had on the best day of your life.  Sink into that feeling.  Celebrate that emotion.

Before you know it, you will BE happy.


What are your special tricks to move yourself out of low energy?  Leave a comment and share with us.

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