Spring, We Scarcely Know You

by Suzanne on March 27, 2013

Two weeks ago, I posted about the awakening of Spring around me.  And a day or two later, Spring decided to sleep in for a while.

Rats!  I was just getting into the energy of renewal, rejuvenation, and refreshed perspective when the balmy days and sunshine disappeared again.  Straight back into cold winds, freezing rains and snow flurries advancing into snow blizzards.

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Winter is a time of hibernation, of taking care of ourselves.  We spend the time planning and getting ready for the invigorating arrival of spring.  But we also gather energy for executing our plans when the proper time arrives.

Maybe we’re gifted with another short period in which to reflect on the direction we’re moving.  To make sure everything is in order, that we know our next step and feel comfortable with moving forward.

So rather than moan about Winter hanging on, use this opportunity to complete any planning activity, to get all your tools and systems ready to go.

Then when the big day arrives – the sun is shining early in the morning, the breeze is warm against your skin, and tender green leaves appear on the trees – you’ll know it’s finally time.

Time to step into the next exciting adventure of your joyful life.


When Spring energy invigorates your own energy, what is the one thing you look forward to the most?  Share with us in the comments.

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