Stillness in the Midst of Chaos

by Suzanne on November 28, 2012

How are you approaching the holiday season?  Did you succumb to the national madness and rush to the stores before you digested your Thanksgiving feast?  Or are you waiting in stillness, breathing love into the universe, co-creating the new world we’ve been waiting for?

This is a time to slow down, rather than rush here and there.  This is a time to breathe, rather than stressing over what hasn’t yet been wrapped, cooked, cleaned, or paid for.

Breathe now.  Deep into your belly.

Hold that breath for a count of eight.

Exhale the stress and worry that has accumulated in your mind and in your muscles.

Reflect on what is truly important to you in this moment.  In the here and in this now.  Intend to live each day in wonder and gratitude for the blessings and opportunities you observe when you slow down.

Reflect on the treasures in your life.  Release the need to search for material treasure in an effort to please someone else or to compete with someone else.  Be still in the joy of having everything you need – the love of family and friends, your connection to Spirit, the overwhelming glory of the Light in which we live.

Be still.  Be still.  Be still.


What do you do that keeps you centered and clear during the chaos of this time of year?  Share with us in the comments.

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