The Means to the End: Recalibrating Today

by Suzanne on May 24, 2012

Every day the Law of Attraction reaffirms itself in my life. 

Recently I’ve been looking for more examples of people using thought processes that go beyond positive into the realm of service to the planet.  And almost every day I run across a blog post or receive an email that has information about someone thinking outside the “life owes me” box.


I told you in my last post that I have been re-examining who I am, and what I want to be when I “grow up”, by identifying my strengths and skills.  That sent out a huge signal to the Universe to send me more questions about how I define my life, in the past and in the present.  And into my mailbox pops this video.


How I wish someone had given me these 3 Most Important Questions for selecting a career, back when I was in high school.  Sure, I knew what I would like to do – anything to do with art.  However, I also knew that it would be a struggle to support myself through any aspect of the field of art. 


You caught that, didn’t you?  I knew I couldn’t support myself with the creative work I loved.  How, at the tender age of seventeen, did I know this?  Because everyone told me it was so.  I was young, with no understanding of how way the universe works, so I believed them.


How did everyone older and wiser than me know these “truths” for fact?  Because each generation heard it from the previous generation as they made the huge decision about what they would work at the rest of their lives.  Each of the people advising me had selected their “means” goals that would help them to reach their understanding of a happy, fulfilled life.  And their advice directed me to look for the “means” to that happy life.


So I followed the path of those advising me, and made the decision to find work that would pay the bills.  The word “work” perfectly described the twenty-five years I stayed with my career.  “Work” wasn’t supposed to be fun, exciting, or enlightening.  It was supposed to be serious, hard, and filled with rules.  That’s exactly how it turned out.  I can’t say I didn’t have an immense learning experience during those years.  Even the gift of learning something new every day failed to bring joy to my work.


The missing piece, the hole in my life that prevented me from finding joy in what I had chosen to do for the majority of my life, was the opportunity to change the world with my actions.  I knew I was helping my end clients; however, I wasn’t effecting a lasting change in their circumstances.  With no hope of making a difference, my spiritual energy became exhausted.  I had nothing left to offer.


How different would my life have been, if instead of trying to find a career that paid the bills, I had found a purpose that fed my soul and changed the world?  How joyful my work would have been if, back in high school, I employed the worksheet from this video to determine my place in the world.


Now, I know that even at this stage in my life, every day offers a new opportunity to ask myself what my “end” goals are.  Every day offers a chance to define new experiences I want to have, new directions for deeper growth, and new ways in which I can contribute to the planet.


Do you feel the joy of claiming this truth?  Isn’t it a miracle that you still have a chance to rewrite this “blueprint of the soul?”  To recognize the goals and experiences you have yet to reach.  To know it is never too late to make a difference.


If you know someone who graduates from high school or college this year, send him this video.  If you know someone just starting high school, send her this video.  If you are ready to make changes in your own life, dive into this video with joy.  When the day arrives that all of us use these three questions as direction for our lives, that just may be the day the balance tips toward the peace and love we envision for our planet.


Leave a comment and tell us about the “end” goals you would choose today, if given the chance.  Then stop for a moment, be grateful and know that you do have that chance.  It’s called Today.


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