Time to Play!

by Suzanne on August 29, 2012

I’ve forgotten how to Play and my Soul suffers for that loss.


When was the last time you played?  Just threw off your responsibilities for an hour or two and did something that delighted your soul?  Spent time doing something that filled your heart with joy?


I watched an intriguing short film by Nic Askew about Play.  He begins with this consideration… “Is Play a state of Being?”


In the film, we meet Katie Salen, who has the enviable title of Executive Director at The Institute of Play.


Doesn’t your playful imagination run wild with the possibilities invoked in that job title?  How does your energy feel when you say your own job title, as compared to repeating Katie’s title?


Maybe if we could discover some element of Play in our own job or career we would set off a massive mind shift about what our life looks like.  In fact, that is one of the questions posited in the film.  “How would your life look if seen through a playful state of mind?”






Although the film is only one in a series on the Reimagining of Education for Connected Learning, it holds an underlying truth for every aspect, every moment of our lives.


The last question in the film is, “Might a playful state of mind enable the strength of our true human spirit?”


I have to say, I believe it would, and that it does.  When we remember to Play.


Study shows that Play is how we learn.  When we Play we’re learning how to experience our world, according to Katie Salen.


Our minds grow more creative and open to exploring new concepts the more we exercise our Imagination in Play.  Our hearts grow more joyful and peace-filled when we relax from rigid conformity to expectations into the flowing grace of Play.  Our bodies grow strong and healthy when released from the stress of The Job into the flexibility of Play.  Our connection to others grows with the introduction of Play to the relationship.


My Aha! moment in the film was that a space/business/life set up for Play, requires my/your/our participation for it to be real, for it to work.  I love this concept.  Instead of allowing Life to affect us, we can and do affect our Lives by the fact of our participation.  I want to Participate in Life.  I want to Play!


Take ten minutes to watch this film and reflect on how, when, and how often you actually Play. 


So tell us, when was the last time you Played?  What is your favorite way to Play?  Leave a comment, please, and share with us how you Participate in your Life with Play.



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