Choosing For the Future

by Suzanne on July 6, 2013

I’ve been missing from this blog for a while, busy with completing a very labor-intensive certification course in Law of Attraction coaching.  I’m nearly ready to request my test and have been spending time thinking about how I want to present my coaching practice.

It could be a brand-new site, devoted only to my coaching practice.  Or, I could incorporate it into this site, preserving the blog to support my readers and clients with ideas for finding and living a joy-filled life.

For some reason I’ve had a hard time making up my mind.  I do love the quiet retreat I’ve (hopefully) created here on Peacemaker’s Path.  My intention has been to share what I learn as I follow the path, so you don’t have to drive through the same ruts and get stuck in the same spots as I have.

Maybe a separate website focusing only on my coaching services would better serve you.  I’ve contemplated adding a page for some essential oils and spiritual books on this site, as they tie in well with the focus of this site.

I’ve nearly come to a decision on how I’m going to be phasing out my aromatherapy business, maintaining a smaller set of oils related to the chakras.  I’m open to ideas on how to set up sales of the oils I’m discontinuing.

What do you think about the idea of adding a page for coaching here?  If you are inspired to make a change in your life, but you don’t know how or where to start stepping into the joyful life you desire, that is where you would connect with me.  Or would you be attracted to a separate site where you could find articles, meditations, and classes focused on transforming your life?


Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the options I’ve mentioned in this post.  I’m always open to great ideas.


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