International Day of Peace: September 21

by Suzanne on September 19, 2012

It has been thirty years since the original International Day of Peace.


Just the other day I heard someone repeat the old English proverb, “A hungry man is an angry man.”


There’s a hunger of the body, which aches to be fed.


There’s a hunger of the mind, which seeks knowledge.


There’s a hunger of the spirit, which welcomes enlightenment.  Or it should.


Do you fear that peace will never flow between humans?  After all it has been thirty long years since people around the world took a stand to commemorate and strengthen the principles of peace among humans of every faith, every culture, in every corner of this world.  For thirty long years, the International Day of Peace has declared this one day a time for global cease-fire and non-violence.


If we live in that fear, we will manifest the lack of peace.


Peace doesn’t start with my neighbor, with the soldiers that nations have thrown into many wars, with the leaders of nations large and small.


It starts with me.  And it starts with you.


If there’s a hunger of the body, donate to food pantries, work at a soup kitchen, or feed a hungry child.


If there’s a hunger of the mind, teach a child tolerance, forgiveness, and love.


If there’s a hunger of the spirit, first fill your own soul with Light and Love so that you may radiate that enlightenment to every one you meet.


I cannot think of a more important time to stand together as the Peace Bell rings at UN Headquarters in NYC, to reflect on the words written on the metal cast from children’s coins… “Long live absolute world peace.”

 Peace Bell - United Nations Photo via Flickr Commons

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