Re-Creating Our World Through the Energy of Love

by Suzanne on September 12, 2012

Yesterday was a day for remembering.  For honoring innocent lives cut short.  My energy was low all day, though I avoided the news until evening.


Today is the day to take another step on the journey to creating the world in a new, loving image of peace and tolerance. 


If we all continue walking and acting in the energy of those who tear down the walls of civility, who refuse to work together in order to protect and aid the most vulnerable inhabitant of this planet, the change we want to effect will never manifest.


Photo Credit: Catch Light by SodanieChea via FlickerI don’t know about you, but I refuse to allow hate and fear to shape my universe.  The energy of the Universe is in place right now to create that loving, sharing population we yearn to know.  It’s been shifting, slowly at first, and now faster with each passing moment, into a higher frequency that will allow us to move into new understanding and knowledge of each other.


But that final shift needs our direct and specific attention so that more of us move with the incoming energy into the frequency of unconditional Love, healing the past, enlightening the present, and reshaping the future.


Have we learned our lessons?  Can we make that shift together?  Can we hold that light within our hearts and share it without judgment?  It’s up to us.


My Love and Light to each of you as we glory in our Oneness, in this Reality and all Realities, in this Time which is all Time.


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