Re-Discovering Christmas Love and Peace

by Suzanne on December 19, 2012

In the past week, we’ve lost a great deal of innocence and faith in the love and peace we have been creating.  Families and friends, neighbors and residents of the victims of the horrific Newton, CT shooting will never experience Christmas in the same way they did prior to this year.

We ask ourselves how attacks like this can still happen – after all the work we’ve done to create a world of peace, love and brotherhood.  And there can be, and will be, no answer with the power to heal our hearts.

The only thing we can do is step out of the fear and disbelief and stride forward into our better world.

News correspondent Ann Curry is promoting an idea that can help us move forward while honoring the lives of those who will never make another mark upon this world.  She suggests doing 26 acts of kindness.  So simple.  So loving.  So healing.

In performing acts of kindness for another, we open our own hearts to receive more grace and love.  The healing energy we share through our acts returns to us, healing the scars we ourselves carry through life.

So in this season in which Love came to live with us, take time to be kind to someone.  To someone you know, someone who is a stranger, someone near, or someone far.  All it takes is love to rebuild our peace.

Share this idea with family and friends.  Perhaps between all of us, we can perform so many good deeds that each person on earth receives 26 acts of kindness.

You can find information more information on Ann Curry’s “26 Acts of Kindness” Facebook page, as well as at hashtag “26acts.”

Wishing you infinite peace of heart and soul in this season of Love.

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