Technology and Spirituality

by Suzanne on January 30, 2013

Did you miss me last week?  Blame the old blue screen trick that computers pull at the least opportune times.  This one was “only” a message about inconsistencies on the hard drive, but it managed to fix itself after a nail-biting half-hour or so.

So I’m staring at my new laptop which will replace this one on which I’m writing this post.  Because I prefer to have a professional tech transfer my hundreds of thousands of files (literally), I have to take both computers into the shop before this one decides it hates life and pulls its own plug.

And, I must learn a new operating system (moan!), so there’s no peacemaking or spiritual talk today.

Take this time to meditate – perhaps about how technology and spirituality coexist (or can they?).  I plan to be back next week, hopefully faster, technologically healthier, and ready to chat.

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