Think of Yourself, For the Sake of All of Us

by Suzanne on June 13, 2012

I’ve been attracting such beautiful expressions of our purpose on earth, lately.  It’s such a pleasure to have this means of sharing with you all the things important to my heart.  Thanks go to Joan, who sent me this week’s video.  


When you were a child, did adults admonish you to think of others, instead of yourself?  Our parents attempted to make us deliberately conscious of the people in our lives.  It was essential to our growth, that we be able to recognize each other’s feelings and needs.  As we began to understand the concept of sharing, of caring about how others felt, we assumed the mantle of our responsibility to be a vessel of Light.


We are surely better adults for having followed that childhood directive.  Hopefully, we’re caring friends, loving family members, and concerned citizens.  Most of us are eager to share what we have, and feel a true love for humanity and the planet we inhabit.  So the advice we received while young was integral to creating who we are, and how we behave in this physical world.


But today, I want to tell you to think of yourself.  To think in very specific ways that go beyond the perceived limitations of our physical world.  I want you to think of your place in the Light of this existence.  Reflect on what makes you unique and valuable, what gifts you offer.  Fill your heart with these images of the ways the Universe sees you.  Remind yourself of your purpose.  Pause in wonder as you re-member the grandeur of the infinite cosmos of which you exist as a part, and at the same time as the whole.





Without your attention on the most intimate secrets that make you who you are designed to be, there is no way to turn your attention outward, to the farthest corner of the unknowable.  Without you, without every atom of your existence, the whole of who We Are would be rent asunder, unable to exist.


Bless your idiosyncrasies, your talents, your wit, and humor.  Bless your funny laugh, your graceful stride, your healing touch.  Because until you can bless those things within yourself, we who are part of you, cannot call blessings upon the unacknowledged glory that is you.  There is no one else who can hold that unique flame of eternal light that lies hidden deep within you.  Reveal yourself.  Bring yourself to light and life; bring Us to light and life.


What light do you reveal to this world?  Leave a comment and share how you found your light and how you keep it burning.




J. Denton June 13, 2012 at 1:12 pm

I wouldn’t have thought anything could be added to this lovely little video; but I would have been wrong. Thank you for your wise addition. Reminds me of the little Bible School song we all learned as children; “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”. Indeed.

SuzanneG June 13, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Oh, and Joan, isn’t it wondrous when we let that little light shine and discover how vast and beautiful it really is!

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