Pink is for Power! A Whole Month of Power over Cancer

by Suzanne on October 3, 2012

Forty thousand people, women and men, die from breast cancer every year – just in the United States alone.  Or should I say, that many people still die from breast cancer?

Let me count the ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness month all through October.

Read Pink.

Stride down the path of health.

Run like you’re chasing life.

Jam with your friends.

Dress in pink.

Warrior Angel by Akshay Moon via Flickr Creative Commons - 3647185943_6ed1e169b8_mBe a Warrior for yourself or a friend.

Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Send pink energy to anyone fighting breast cancer.

Wear pink ink.

This one’s for you, Heidi and Judy!

With Love and Light (pink light, of course).

How many more ways have you found to support breast cancer research to find a cure?  Leave a comment and share your ideas with us.

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